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Discount City Carpets has a long tradition in South Australia, commencing trading approximately 40 years ago. Ownership remains in South Australia and the Group's directors have built the business around the idea that you, the customer, are the most important person in any floor covering purchase.


Today Discount City Carpets is South Australia's largest floor covering retailer with 8 stores in South Australia. This position gives us enormous buying power, which means we can negotiate the best prices from floor covering manufacturers - and we pass the savings on to you.


But more than just lower prices, our size and buying power results in many other advantages that other retailers just cannot match - higher quality, more choices of colours and styles, and greater access to high quality brand names like Godfrey Hirst, Feltex, Cavalier, Sommer and more.


Buying floor coverings can be a very confusing business. There are so many brands, styles and carpets to choose from - and so many other issues to worry about, like installation, service, wear and stain protection, guarantees - you name it.


At Discount City Carpets we want to take the worry and confusion out of buying floor coverings. We want to make sure the floor coverings you're buying is the best available, and that you're buying it from a store that will stand behind it and make sure you're satisfied.


Our size gives us the power to offer the best and most comprehensive guarantees in the business - whenever you purchase a carpet or any other floor covering from us, you can be rest assured that it will look and perform the way you expect it to.

Discount City Carpets is

South Australia's largest

floor covering retailer.

Discount City Carpets
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