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When you buy timber or laminate from Discount City Carpets, you know that you're getting the best timber,combining natural beauty and character with strength and durability. Now you can have affordable style and quality.


"Timber" flooring now days can come in a variety of forms, from "real" solid timber planks and parquetry, to "real" timber veneers, to reproduction of natural timber grains which is actually a laminate surface with very realistic timber grain patterns.


Discount City Carpets retails only the best "real" timber products from solid to veneers and includes extensive ranges from major well-known companies from Australia and Overseas.



Discount City Carpets retails only the best "real" timber products from solid to veneers and includes extensive ranges from Tarkett, Embellton and Armstrong, well- known companies in this area of floor coverings.



Besides being scratch and heat resistant, laminate flooring is also very easy to maintain - no sanding or varnishing is required before or after installation, not even after years of usage. It will look as good as it was on day one. Its non-porous surface makes it easy to clean, making it a hassle free floor.


Besides, it can also withstand high impact and does not dent easily.Blistering sunlight won't change the natural timber grain finishes and its suitability for the low-allergy home is second to none. So dust mites have nowhere to hide.


These products have up to 25 year warranty's




Bamboo flooring is in demand by home owners and architects alike.

It is valued primarily for its sustainability, durability in use and stylish appearance.


The sustainable alternative. Bamboo is much more renewable than timber. Harder than most timber products and easy to install. A high performance and long life flooring option.


Harder than most flooring, bamboo provides a tough surface, resistant to stains and the wear of foot traffic.


Bamboo ticks all the boxes – tough, cost effective, well engineered, excellent stability, easy installation, comes pre-finished and to top it off comes with a 25 year guarantee.

Affordable !

Adorable !

Real Timber flooring, Laminates and stylish Bamboo.

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