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Wonderful, durable Vinyls and all new Lose Lay Vinyl Planks


Truly fabulous and hardwearing Ceramic Tiles

So call in to one of our many stores and see these wonderful products for yourself.



New range of Lose Lay Vinyl planks from Inovar Flooring.


Suitable for both Domestic and Commercial use. Vinyl can be purchased in different forms i.e. Planks, tiles or sheets, and are of varying thickness' and grades. Damage to the floor? - NO problem - NO need to take up the whole floor or have expensive repairs - Just replace the plank.



The best quality vinyl traditionally comes from Europe so that makes up the majority of our range.


Discount City Carpets has access to an extensive range of sheet vinyl flooring from well-known manufacturers including Pegulan, Gerflor, Polyflor, Signaturefloors, Tarkett.


Sheet vinyl's come in different widths, generally 2 metres, 3 metres or 4 metres wide and there is virtually a limitless range of patterns and designs from timber grains to slate look-a-likes.


So call in to one of our many stores and see these wonderful products for yourself.



We have a huge range of ceramics imported from overseas - now you can see what your carpet or timber floor will look like with your selected ceramic tile.


Ceramic tiles are fully sealed and nonporous, and are very long wearing requiring low maintenance. You can select smooth glossy tiles or you may prefer the textured or natural stone look.


There are many different ways to lay tiles to create effects - this example shows a "Herringbone" effect with a border of patterned tiles. Tiles come in a large variety of sizes and fit into any design or style you may wish to create.


Ceramic tiles are very popular. Almost all homes built now have ceramic wall and floor tiles - the range is enormous and only limited by your imagination.


There are also many grades and thicknesses for different applications from light wear areas to commercial or industrial uses.


Another example of how ceramic tiles can brighten up a living area, even create a focus in your home.


Whatever your preference Discount City Carpets is sure to have a ceramic tile to suit your lifestyle and budget.

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