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We stock all types of carpets from loop, twist to plush pile, plain to patterned, we have it all to suit your budget from $22 sq.m. up to the luxury end. Come in store and see our massive selection and let one of our flooring experts help make your selection easy.

Choosing the right carpet for your home is essential. From colour to style and fibre type, the decision on what carpet you are going to choose for your home is important.

There are a few questions you should consider when choosing your next carpet for your home.

  • How much foot traffic is your new carpet likely to be exposed to?

  • Do you have children or pets?

  • What rooms of your home are you carpeting?

  • What’s the décor of the house?

If you consider these questions, it can potentially help narrow down the choice of what carpet is right for you.

A carpet’s appearance, look and feel and longevity are broadly determined by the fibre type chosen.

Each fibre type as different characteristics, some are higher performing than others. The better the fibre and the denser it is packed, the better the carpet will perform.

When selecting carpet, you should view a sample at your home during the day and at night prior to making your final decision, as colour appearance can often vary under different lighting conditions. Darker, multi-coloured and patterned carpets are especially effective at hiding soiling compared to solid shade, lighter carpets.


Carpets with soft, luxurious, long pile can be susceptible to tracking, while plush and twist pile carpet constructions can show a suede-like pile reversal, and textured and loop pile carpets offer a uniform finish. These characteristics are a matter of personal taste and should be taken into account when selecting your carpet.


Domestic pets are best suited to plush and twist pile carpets as their claws do not catch like they can with textured or loop pile carpets.


Colour is one of the most important factors to consider when decorating a new home or renovating. Colour impacts on the mood, feeling and personality of a room. It can help enhance the appearance of a room’s size, allowing you to make the most of natural and artificial light.


Expert Tips

  • Current trends favour neutrals in earthy hues, including warm greys and the ever-popular taupe. Neutrals don’t have to be boring!

  • Texture can also add another exciting dimension to your carpet, lifting a neutral carpet to a multidimensional design statement.

  • Carpet colours can appear different throughout your home depending on the light source. Ask the retailer for a sample and check how it appears in both natural and artificial light before making a final choice.

  • Once your carpet is installed, the colour of the carpet will appear slightly lighter than when viewed in store.


Think about the space.

No matter the size of the area, the colour of the floor will have an impact on the feeling of the space within it. If the area is small or lacks natural light, a lighter shade of carpet will make it seem larger and brighter, conversely, darker colours will warm a space, giving large spaces a cosiness while adding character to the room.

  • Bright colours in a large expanse can make a dramatic statement.

  • Light colours are expansive and airy, making rooms seem larger and brighter while dark colours are sophisticated and warm, they give large rooms a more intimate appearance.

  • Very light and very dark colours show far more debris than mid tones.

  • Multi-coloured and patterned carpets are especially effective at hiding stains and soiling.

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